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Durga’s Navaratri 2016

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I would once again like to offer this special opportunity to participate in a transformative tradition I have honored for many years now.  Shortly we will be entering the Autumnal period of devotion for Durga, the Mother Goddess.  Beginning October 2, the ancient celebration of Navaratri begins ~ nine days of celebrating the Divine Feminine energy within. Navaratri (which occurs both in the Autumn and the Spring) marks the changing of the seasons when important climatic and solar influences occur.  During the shift from pitta to vata season, nature prepares Her harvest and gets ready to put herself to rest. Our interconnectedness means it is an ideal time for us to do the same:  to enjoy the fruits of our labor thusfar, to rest and deeply nourish the inner soils so it will be ready for planting new seeds and a new season of growth come Springtime.

The Mother Goddess or Pure Consciousness pervades all forms and has all names; recognizing the One Consciousness in every form and with every name is the celebration of Navaratri.  She is our first teacher, she nourishes and protects. Just as we took nine months in the womb to become this current embodiment of the Source, so too do we take these nine days to return back to Her.  The Navaratri story reminds us of how light can conquer dark, of how the absolute reality can indeed conquer duality, of the necessity of burning away what no longer serves, and of our ultimate goal ~ the return home to the Mother.  Through Navaratri, we are offered the opportunity to go deep into ourselves, where everything begins, and to experience profound peace.

The nine-day Navaratri celebration has been performed for thousands of years and often involves traditional priests and large community gatherings.  However it can also be enjoyed as a private affair.  The instructions and recommendations included in the Navaratri packet are merely guidelines.  This is a time of self care, of deep devotion to yourself, and can be performed in any way that fits your life and schedule.

Your nine day journey will come with an in-depth package of information, as well as recommendations for daily practices and rituals that include:

light fasting/light eating plan and menu (and last day Feast suggestions!
daily yoga or saddhana sequencedurga-navaratri-blessing
daily meditation
daily mantras with your choice of live or downloadable audio
daily self-care suggestions and tips
daily lifestyle activities/changes to support your 9-day journey
suggestions for creating an altar for each of the 9 nights
mythology to better understand the primary Navaratri Goddesses
journal writing topics for reflection
Facebook/email community support
Remember, each of us makes up the One Body, and our participation in activities like mantra, yoga, and meditation not only increase the health and vitality of us personally but also raise the vibration of all beings on the planet.

Upon registration, you will immediately receive a list of materials to prepare for our nine day journey together.  Beginning on or before October 1, you will receive a downloadable packet with instructions, mantras, meditations, yoga sequences, suggestions and recommendations…all of the information you will need to celebrate Navaratri and to honor the Mother within.

Cost: $54

Looking forward to journeying with you!  Om Dum Durgayei Namaha!

Durga’s Navaratri 2016



Blue Spirit Wheel Kirtan – Sunday October 2, 7:00pm

I am excited to kick off our new year together by joining our voices and merging our collective energies in divine celebration.  Please mark your calendars: The Durga Studio is honored to host Blue Spirit Wheel Kirtan on their northeast tour on Sunday, October 2, 7:00pmJoin  us Upstairs at the Harvard General Store, 1 Still River Road, Harvard, for an exquisite and magical evening of sublime mantras and thumping grooves! The band celebrates the release of its 4th CD and will perform the Planetary Alignment mantra sequence, a series of mantras designed to balance the subtle energies and celestial forces of the planets and the deities, followed by a set of traditional kirtan.  $15 at the door; $10 advance tickets available online at or go to their FB event page:



Namaskaram Beautiful Friends,
Welcome back dearest Ones!  It has been a long and expansive Summer Svasana to say the least, and I am looking forward to sharing the harvest of our discoveries from these past few months as we took our yoga off the mat and out into the world.  I cannot wait to hear about your adventures and insights during this nourishing Summer season!
 One of my most unexpected and delightful gifts of the Summer was to be greeted by my first yoga teacher whilst 7,000 miles from home: MOTHER NATURE! Stepping foot onto Afrian soil for the first time, the Mother-Land out of which life emerged, was a profound reminder of what yoga means at its core: the miraculous and growing awareness that we are the universe, we are nature, we are not separate.  In Africa, people live in connection to and with the whole. There seems to be a collective understanding that every single act affects everything and everyone.  The animals, the plants, the trees, the people…all beings live and move and breathe with that deeply unified and graceful interconnectedness.
Thus it seems so right and appropriate to ‘return to the root’ and begin this new year at Durga observing, connecting to, and celebrating Nature within and around us.  I cannot think of a more perfect place to explore the Nature of Yoga than during our magical and beautiful Tuesday Temple nights, returning this coming Tuesday, September 20, Upstairs at The Harvard General Store, 7:15pm.  As many of you can attest, there is no yoga class quite like our candlelit Tuesday nights! Expect mythology, philosophy, live music, asana, singing bowls, gongs, mantra, crystals, pranayam, reiki, aromatherapy, flower essences, massage…Durga’s many loving arms wrapping you in a warm blanket of peace.  This class is for all levels and people; sometimes students choose to meditate or lie in svasana the entire time!  We invite you to be right where you are, in full awareness, and to offer your breath and your heart fully to yourself.  Stay tuned for info about our incredible TEEN GODDESS YOGA, coming Sundays 4:30, plus DURGA’S RED TENT details coming soon for all of our Swaha Sisters!
We quietly slipped in some Friday mornings in August, and they have been the ABSOLUTE SWEETEST, out under the great sky and amongst the elements, with the frogs and bugs and trees and flowers and all kinds of amazing friends.  We will continue until the weather decides to stay cold for good.  All are welcome to join our Equinox celebration NEXT Friday morning September 23 at 9:15am for our traditional and transformative 108 Sun Salutations.  35 Scott Road, Harvard. Reconnect and find synchronicity with the Universe’s greater rhythms.
These past few weeks have been full of goodbyes in so many different ways.  We are learning, however, we need the work of Shiva to help bring things to an end in order to make room for new perspectives and experiences.  And so we surrender to Father Time; the wheel turns, the crickets sing the season’s farewell, the owls call out across the night. Together, we let Autumn teach us how to let go.  And together ~ as the many arms of Durga ~ we hold each other’s hands and enter a new journey into the coming darkness and eventually out into the light.  I cannot wait to see what Durga has in store for us this time around.
Om Dum Durgayei Namaha.
Kiss the Earth,


The Nature of Yoga

12 Tuesday nights beginning September 20, 2016 at
The Durga Studio
Upstairs at the Harvard General Store
1 Still River Road, Harvard

$20 per class
OR $200 prepaid for all 12 classes and get the last two classes free!
OM Shanti!